It is the policy of Musick Construction to strive for the highest safety standards on our projects. Safety will be given primary importance in all work activities in order to protect employees against occupational injuries and illnesses and to protect the company against reduced efficiency and unnecessary financial burden. Our safety program has been developed to ensure compliance with federal, state, and local regulations with particular emphasis on the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970 (OSHA).

Safety does not occur by chance. It occurs as the result of careful attention to company operations by those people who are directly involved. Employees at all levels must work diligently in executing the company’s policies in order to maintain an injury and illness free work place. Subcontractors to Musick are expected to maintain the same level of safety performance.

Purpose of the Program

The main purpose of the Musick Safety Program is to provide company officers, managers, and supervisors with effective, proactive programs and procedures designed to ensure the safety and health of our employees and subcontractors, owners, and the public. Secondly, these policies will help the company’s profitability through the reduction of insurance and other accident related costs. These obligations and goals will be achieved as follows:

  • By providing every employee with a safe and healthful work place which is free of recognized hazards.
  • By protecting the property and interests of our customers, the company, and other parties.
  • By elevating employee safety awareness and morale.
  • Proper planning and adherence to sound engineering practices.
  • Establishing and enforcing effective work rules, programs and procedures which assure worker safety.
  • Insuring that employees are equipped with the appropriate personal protective equipment.
  • Providing employees with the proper tools for their work operations.
  • Training employees in the recognition and avoidance of unsafe actions and conditions in the work place.
  • Instilling in company employees that accident prevention is the responsibility of every employee and that active employee participation in the Safety Program is essential to the program’s success.
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