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The healthcare industry has evolved significantly in recent years, with a focus on services that keep patients healthy and high quality of life. Our extensive expertise in this industry requires our team to stay current with the latest healthcare trends. Our focus is on continually exploring ways to improve the patients healing environment.

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Eric / Don / Neal:

I just wanted to take a moment to let you know that the Musick team that I had supporting me the last few weeks has done an exceptional job in going above and beyond in meeting the needs of Mercy and their Joint Venture Partner, Kindred/ LifePoint.

I cannot thank Phillip Lavey, Keith Netemeyer, Steven Lavey, and Andy Veliz enough for all their efforts as we worked to help the Kindred / LifePoint team get through their Licensure Inspection. These men did it all, and never hesitated to step in and help fill another hole.

Folks are often quick to complain when a team member performs below expectations, but rarely do folks take a moment to recognize folks that do it right and then some!

You have an excellent team here, and I am glad that I get to work with guys like this!

Job well done.

Shawn Bailey Principal Northstar Management Company, LLC.